10 Healthy Snacks for when You’re on the Go

10 Healthy Snacks for when You’re on the Go

When you’re constantly on the go, it can be so easy to grab whatever is convenient for when hunger strikes before the next meal. From a bag of chips or Fritos to a candy bar and cookies, I myself have been guilty of munching on whatever is most easily accessible, especially during times of stress. While many of us would like to make healthier options, it can sometimes be a struggle to come up with ideas of things to munch on in the car, at a soccer game, or in between work meetings. Below is a list of 10 healthy snacks that can be eaten pretty much anywhere.


Celery sticks, carrots, pepper slices, and snap peas are all great choices for a snack on the go. If you’re anywhere but driving, adding some natural peanut butter to your celery and carrots is also a great way to get in some protein. I know what you’re thinking. Carrots and peanut butter? Trust me, it is so yummy! Give it a try.

Carrots, celery, and green pepper on a plate


DANG brand makes a really good coconut chip. For a little more sweetness, try the Salted Caramel ones. They…are…addicting! A 0.7-ounce bag is less than 200 calories, and the original ones are only 115. I’m not a fan of coconut, but these are crunchy goodness!


You can buy a bag of these ready to go or make them yourself. If you opt to make them yourself, they do take a bit more time, but a batch can last a while. Plus, you know exactly what is going into them. Sweet potato chips taste amazing! Use a mandolin to get super thin slices, but be careful not to thinly slice the tip of your finger off in the process. (I have done this. Not fun! My hubby had to put the pieces of Ashley back together again.)

After you have thin slices, line a baking tray with parchment paper and spread the slices out in a single layer. Spray your slices lightly with olive oil, season to taste, and pop them in the oven at 250º F. for two hours. Flip them once after an hour. You’ll know that they are finished when crispy but not burnt.


This one may seem obvious, but it is often looked past. A lot of people don’t realize how easy and mess-free a container of fruit can be. Apple slices, grapes, and strawberries are all great choices for when you’re out and about. Most any fruit make for great healthy snacks which are easy to take anywhere.

Apple slices


To reap the benefits, your chocolate should be at least 70% cacao. Dark chocolate has the perfect amount of sweetness and is full of antioxidants. In small doses, it can even lower the risk of heart disease.


These are both filling and tasty. You can use romaine or iceberg lettuce leaves layered with thin slices of low sodium turkey or chicken and thin slices of cheese.


Train mix is perfect for when you’re out and about and can be customized in so many ways. We usually start by grabbing a 16-ounce bag of mixed nuts (almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, pecans). From there, we add a small bag of raisins and a bag of dark chocolate chips. We just dump it all in a large container, put the lid on, and shake it up. This mixture will last my husband and me the entire week. If we’re feeling rather adventurous, we will stick some sliced banana and strawberries on the food dehydrator and add that to it. This is more time-consuming, though, as the dehydrating process takes about 12 hours unless you want soggy fruit (Ewww!). A 1-ounce serving is roughly 160 calories depending on what’s in your mix.

1 ounce of trail mix on food scale


2 cups of plain popcorn with 2 tablespoons of nutritional yeast comes in at just over 100 calories. The popcorn has a good amount of fiber and the nutritional yeast has an almost parmesan-y flavor, plus it is way less messy and healthier than butter and salt.


These are more grab and go, but can make for great healthy snacks. They have a large variety of flavors to choose from and most come in at under 200 calories. They are packed full of nuts, seeds, dried fruit, and even peanut butter and chocolate depending on what you choose. Plus, there are no added sugar alcohols or artificial sweeteners. One of my favorites is Dark Chocolate, Nuts, & Sea Salt.


While oatmeal cannot be eaten on the road, it can be made almost anywhere as long as you have access to hot water. Plain oats with hot water are all you need for the most basic of oatmeal. Add berries, nuts, or raisins to add some variety an extra nutritional boost.




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