18th & Addison and a Day on the New Jersey Coast

18th & Addison and a Day on the New Jersey Coast

Music that Speaks

You know that feeling when you hear music from a new singer or band and you’re in love? Suddenly, you find yourself getting ahold of anything and everything that they have released, unable to get enough. You listen to their music almost constantly and begin to find your favorite songs that speak to you in ways that are hard to explain.Seeing said band/singer live becomes something that you know you have to do, and you hope that your city…or at least state, is one of the stops on their next tour so you get your chance.

When I first listened to 18th and Addison, recommended by a friend, that is exactly how I felt. My first thought was wow, followed by, ‘these guys just might knock AFI down to #2 on my list‘. (Most anybody who frequently visits here knows of my love for AFI.)

18th and Addison

Back on point, within a day, I had purchased everything that 18th & Addison had to offer on I-Tunes. I listened to them any chance I got and started to pick out my favorite songs that spoke to me and gave me chills. It started as me saying that if they were ever in Ohio, I would try to make a point of going. It didn’t take long to decide that I couldn’t wait that long, though. I had the New Jersey date of May 4th in mind and was on a mission to find a friend to ‘kidnap’ who would be willing to go on a quick 550 mile and 24 hour trip with me.

An Idea Becoming Reality

Turns out, that wasn’t too hard. All it took was the slight bribe of the promise of a day on the beach in exchange for seeing 18th & Addison that evening. My friend/co-worker had one condition, though. We would fly instead of making the 9-hour drive. We would get to New Jersey at 7:30 Saturday morning and have the entire day walking along the coast before heading to Brighton Bar 12 hours later.

The two opening bands for 18th & Addison were Skyeline and June Divided. I had no idea what to expect from either of them, but let me say that both are so good! Both are female fronted bands with Skyeline being more of a pop/rock and June Divided leaning more towards rock. I will definitely be listening to more of them.

18th & Addison

And now, the entire reason for the trip.

18th & Addison is a powerful singing/guitar duo made up of Tom Kunzman and Kait DiBenedetto, both from New Jersey. Man, do these two have immense talent. If how many miles I traveled to see them doesn’t say something, I don’t know what will. So, how would one describe their music style? They are a little rock, a little punk, and a whole lot of awesome. But, some of their songs have a softer feel as well. No matter what type of music you like, practically anybody is bound to find something from 18th & Addison that they will enjoy.

Tom Kunzman

On stage, you can see and feel the passion that Tom and Kait both put into their music. It is apparent that they truly love what they are doing and that they are doing what they are meant for. They have such a professional and polished stage presence and put on one hell of a performance. Their energy is infectious and they do what they can to include their audience. From the heavier Knives to the slower My Old Skin, their variety and dynamic talent made for a memorable night and a trip worth every second.

Some of the songs that they played were Time Bomb, Not my Home, and my personal favorite, Under the Water. Seriously, every time I hear this song, I get goosebumps. If and when you give them a listen, this should be one of the songs you give a shot.

Where to Listen and How to Find

You can check out their music for yourself on ITunes, Spotify, or on their own 18th & Addison website.

Right now, 18th & Addison has a summer date scheduled for July 27th at 12 PM. They will be playing at Rock the River in Tom’s River, NJ. If you are in the area or feel compelled to travel, seeing them will not leave you disappointed in the least bit. I, for one, know I am already looking forward to the next time I get to see them.

To keep an eye on future show dates, you can find them at the 18th & Addison website.

If you listened to any of their music, be sure to comment below which songs you checked out!

The New Jersey Coast

For those of you interested, getting to spend quite a few hours on the New Jersey coast was an added bonus.

Anybody who has ever been near the ocean knows the calming effect that it has. Within the first hour on the beach, we felt so relaxed and stress-free. Although there are no palm trees or a tropical feel, the New Jersey coast is absolutely beautiful.

With our shoes in hand and our feet in the sand, we walked along the shore while the waves gently splashed our toes. In early May, the water is frigid. Like, breath catches in your throat and toes curl under into the bottom of your feet COLD. We didn’t care. Living hundreds of miles from the ocean, we were going to make the most of it.

Long Branch Coast

We got to walk along the Long Branch Boardwalk, which consists of several restaurants, shops, and places to get a small bite to eat. Beings we arrived so early in the morning, most everything was still closed until 11 AM. So after walking somewhere around 10,000 steps through the sand, we went for lunch and a drink before walking some more, then hitting up our hotel bar for another drink.

All in all, we spent a good 9-10 hours just enjoying the sand, the fresh air, and the water. The day was overcast, but the predicted rain held out making it a very enjoyable day.

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