2016 is Coming to an End, But 2017 Will Be Great!

While 2016 has had its moments, and I am in no way wishing time away, 2017 also has some excitement already in store for it:

AFI (all time favorite band since 2006) is going on tour again for the first time several years! I…am…ecstatic! I first heard of AFI just about ten years ago, and February will mark ten years since my first concert during the Decemberunderground tour. I walked into that show liking their music and walked out with a favorite music group that has stuck with me ever since. While they are not coming to Ohio this time (at least for the first leg of their tour), they will be in near-ish by states within a comfortable 8-hour drive. I have chosen my destination and am counting the days to my mid-winter trip. Hubby will not be accompanying me on the trip (he would rather stay home with the doggies), but I have a friend who likely will be making it with me. A detailed concert experience (review) is to follow!

Another exciting piece of news; after the first of the year, hubby and will be l starting the process for adoption. We’ve been trying to start a family for a few years now, and have decided that now is the right time to start this new journey. It’s something that we have been talking about for quite awhile now. We know that the process can take some time but hope to have a child with us by the end of 2017 and the adoption finalized. We’re both very excited, but naturally nervous. I will definitely post more as we know more throughout the process.

I also have a goal to try one new recipe per week and post about it. Ambitious given my hectic schedule, perhaps. I know that it can be reached, though, through staying focused and motivated to make it happen. Right now, I plan on two desserts and two non-desserts per month. This may change based on time constraints when I am planning and what I (and hubby) are in the mood for at the moment.

2016 has been a good year, and a lot has happened, but I believe that 2017 will be even better. I look forward to what it has in store, both already planned and the unexpected that is ahead.

What has been your favorite part of 2016, and what do you most look forward to going into the New Year?



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