5 Reasons Why a Trip to the Salon is Simply the Best

5 Reasons Why a Trip to the Salon is Simply the Best

There’s no denying that nothing quite beats an hour at the salon. You can go in feeling drab and walk out feeling like a whole new person. A fresh cut or some color/highlights can do wonders for overall confidence. From the all-encompassing relaxation to the limitless possibilities, treating yourself to the salon is something that shouldn’t be skipped. Whether it is every 4 weeks, or once every few months, these little hours of bliss will make you want to pamper yourself more often. Here are 5 reasons why a trip to the salon is simply the best:

The Head Massage

Close your eyes. Now imagine sitting at the washing station. You lean back and wait. Suddenly, warm water begins to pour over your head. As the stylist works the shampoo into your hair, she massages your scalp with the tips of their fingers. You give into the complete relaxation and peace, silently wishing that the massage lasts forever. If the stylist has long fingernails and a little head scratching action takes place, it deserves bonus points. As uncomfortable as the hard edges of that washing bowl is on your neck, the head massage completely makes up for it. Unfortunately, your massage does end. What you are left with, though, is feeling like you’re walking on air as you move to the styling chair. If your stylist doesn’t give you a head massage, fire them immediately! (Just kidding, of course…but seriously, you’re missing out!)

Letting it All Out

Something about being at the salon really gets you to open up. I mean, you’re spending an hour or more alone with someone that you are putting all your trust in. Let’s face it, the result at the end of your transformation could go either way. As the stylist starts asking questions, it sparks conversations, which turn into revealing things that you quite possibly haven’t told anybody. What you end up talking about has no limits. It could be relationship problems, work woes, or the stress of something going on in your life. I just went to a new stylist last week after losing my favorite stylist of 10 years. (long story). I ended up telling her things that one wouldn’t usually tell somebody on a first meeting.

Stylists really are somewhat like therapists. They must go through some kind of class during their schooling on how to get people to talk about anything and everything. They can make the quietest person feel comfortable and get them to start talking. However, if talking really isn’t your thing, feel free to stay quiet too. It’s all about making the salon experience the most comfortable it can be for you.

Transforming Yourself

Unless you have super short hair, there really is no end to the list of possibilities here. Whether you want a new cut, style, want to try out bangs, or just a trim, it really is up to you. So go nuts. Hair grows. That’s the beauty of it. If you don’t like the end result, your hair will grow out again. Last April, I decided to take 10 inches off of my thick, curly hair to try out an inverted bob. After 8 attempts at getting it right and 4 stylists over a 1 year period, I finally found somebody who did what I’d been seeking. Now, I am missing my long locks. So guess what? I’m about to start growing it again. My point is, be brave. Be bold. If there is something you’ve been wanting to try out, ask your stylist for their opinion and go for it! The worst that can happen is you have to grow your hair out again. The best that can happen, though? You fall in love with your new cut and wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

Then there’s what happens when you leave the salon, feeling super confident. You check yourself out in mirrors and windows, fluffing your hair and feeling its softness within your fingers. Something about leaving the salon makes you feel like you just stepped out of a magazine. Let’s face it; as much as you try, you can never get it to look exactly how the stylist did. Bummer, right? But you still have a cute, sexy new style to show the world.

Easier to Manage Hair

When your hair starts to become difficult to manage, a trip to the salon may be in order. For me, it is when the comb starts to become difficult to run through my hair. When my hair is wet and I am struggling to comb through the tangles, I know a fresh cut and thinning out desperately needed. Or, you know, when it dries and it feels thick, heavy and like a bush on top of my head. When those happen, I regularly threaten to just cut it all off (which I did).

A fresh cut and style can and will make your hair easier to style, manage, and make you love your hair again. Plus, regularly keeping up with your hair care will cut down on the amount of time it takes to work on it each morning. And we all know what that means. More time to sleep in!

The Luxurious Scents

And then there are the scents of every single product your stylist uses. What is it about their products that leave us ready to dish out an additional $100 to purchase exactly what was used on us? They just smell so good, from the shampoo, conditioner, hairspray, and whatever else they pamper us with. These products just can’t compete with $5 grocery store shampoo. I’ve been caught sniffing my own hair more than once after a trip to my stylist. Surely I’m not alone! An added bonus is how soft the products they use on us make our hair feel. My usually dry curls feel luxuriously wonderful and I will purchase almost anything to replicate that!

What are some of your favorite parts of going to the salon? Comment below!
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